About the Babytek

The Babytek is a handy system for borrowing baby items that you only need for a short time. It works like a library of things, lending baby supplies needed during the first year of the baby’s life. 

Our lending service for baby items aspires to make sustainable baby supplies available to all. Becoming a member, new parents can borrow items for testing and using in a fun and accessible way. As their baby grows, they return the supplies for someone else’s use. The Babytek encourages personal contacts, sustainability and social inclusion aiming for more livable communities.

Contact (Babytek)

If you have specific question about becoming a member or borrowing an item, please be sure to contact the Babytek of your preference, as they each have different policies. You can find a Babytek near you here. The contact information of each Babytek is listed there.

Contact (De Transformisten)

The Babytek is an initiative of De Transformisten. Do you have a question about the Babytek in general? Please send us an email. Or are you interested in starting your own Babytek? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Support us

Donate baby supplies?
Have you got high-quality baby supplies that you don’t use (anymore)? Excellent! Message us at info@babytheek.be (or contact your local Babytek) to donate.

Financial support
The Babytek needs your help! Participate in our project reducing waste and making baby supplies accessible for all, including those with little means. Our goal is to found Babyteks all over Belgium.

Each gift gets us a little closer to this goal. Your contribution can be used to buy (new or used) baby items for existing Babyteks, to fund starting Babyteks or to pay for the cataloging software.

Donate via wire transfer to the bank account of De Transformisten (IBAN: BE56 5230 8028 8288 / BIC: TRIOBEBB) with the reference ‘gift Babytheek’.

Donations to De Transformisten are tax-deductible if the amount is higher than 40 euros. 

Looking for a maternity gift?
Donate a Babytek membership! For more information contact info@babytheek.be.

Several Babyteks are looking for volunteers. Message us at info@babytheek.be (or contact your local Babytek) to find out!