Thanks to Growfunding we managed to collect 12.000 euros to launch the Babytek. A big thank you to our 98 growfunders! More information about the opening of the Babytek will follow soon.

Why do we need your support?

There’s no Babytek without sustainable baby supplies! €12,000 is the amount we need to start up the Babytek, to furnish the Elzenhof Community Centre and purchase high-quality supplies. Every contribution is important to give every family access to high-quality baby supplies, including those who find it harder to make ends meet or do not have a large support network. Help bring the Babytek into the world and support the campaign.

What will we do with the proceeds of our campaign?

  • We will ensure a pleasant and cosy meeting place in the Elzenhof Community Centre;
  • We will buy sustainable baby supplies;  
  • We will ensure an accessible lending platform and clear communication.

How can you help the Babytek get started?