1. When is the Babytheek open?The Babytheek Elzenhof will be open between 14h and 16h every Wednesday afternoon. From the autumn of 2018 we also plan to open the Babytheek during Café-O-Lait (every two weeks on Saturday between 10h and 12h). Before visiting the Babytheek, check the website or Facebook page for information and any last-minute changes.
    How much does a membership cost?Membership costs 20 euros for one year.
    How can I donate a membership?

    We work together with partner organisations in the neighbourhood and Nasci vzw (Services Centre for the Child). They have insight into people who can make good use of membership. Please contact us at babytheekelzenhof@vgc.be if you wish to donate a membership.
    How many articles can I borrow at a time?

    You can lend a maximum of 4 items at the same time.
    How long can I borrow items?

    There are two categories:

    Long term: Max 6 months

    Short-term: Max 3 weeks (e.g. for on holiday or if you are visiting a child, …)
    How many items are in stock?

    Check out our catalogue here. Is there something missing? Please do not hesitate to let us know at babytheekelzenhof@vgc.be. We do not promise anything but we try to meet the demands of our members as much as possible.
    How do I know if the items are present?

    A link to the inventory will be provided on the website http://www.babytheek.be Then you can see if there is anything present.
    What happens if something breaks down?

    We will always ask you to do everything possible to repair the item first. If not, we will see if we can repair the object internally.
    Am I insured against theft?

    The equipment is not insured against theft from the Babytheek. If something is stolen from your home, you must report it to the police yourself and call your household insurance company to account.
    I live in Schaerbeek/Antwerps/Leuven/Oostende/…, can I also become a member of the Babytheek?

    Yes! Anyone can become a member of the Babytheek. You will have to come and collect the stuff yourself. We can’t ship anything.
    I would like to become a volunteer of the Babytheek, who can I turn to?

    Great! Send an email to info@bewustverbruiken.be.

    Can I make an online or telephone reservation?

    You can NOT make a reservation by telephone or e-mail. You can only make reservations on the online platform after you have created an account. If you are unable to create an account or make a reservation, please jump in during the Babytheek opening hours and we will put your account in order together.